5 Common CFMoto CForce 600 Problems (With Fixes)

CFMoto CForce 600 is one of the nicest ATVs featuring amazing power, spectacular looks, a durable build, and exceptional performance. But the CFMoto CForce 600 has problems too.

The common CFMoto CForce 600 Problems are Shift Hang, improper valve adjustment, overheating, unresponsive throttle or engine bogging, engine issues when starting, faulty electrical components, dimming headlights, and issues with fuel pumps, braking, and suspension.

Let’s explore these CFMoto CForce 600 problems in detail with solutions to each problem.

CFMoto CForce 600 Problems

CFMoto CForce 600 Problems

The common CFMoto CForce 600 Problems problems are:

  • Loose Lock Nuts and Shift Hang
  • Improper Valves Adjustment
  • Overheating exhaust and engine
  • Unresponsive Throttle in High Gears
  • Engine Starting and Faulty Electrical Components

Let’s take a detailed look at each problem along with an accurate fix.

1. Loose Lock Nuts and Shift Hang

Normally in ATVs, the engine not starting is the first issue you will ever find, but CForce 600 has the Shifting problem as it’s the very first and most common.

The CFMoto CForce 600 is reported to stop at inclines and hilly areas due to problems in its shifting mechanism. The shifting system of this machine results in trouble shifting gears and grinding noise from the gearbox.

This ATV uses a connecting rod to shift gears from lower to higher and vice versa. This gear needs adjustment.

If it’s too tight, the result you will get is a hard and rough shifting experience no matter what, even if you fill the complete gearbox with oil.

Now, why does it occur? A simple answer; vibration in the engine body due to extreme off-roading and various jerks or bumps. With these vibrations, the shift rod keeps rotating in the wrong position and eventually tightens, making the gear shifting harder. Undo it and give it a go.

How to fix it?

Unassemble the plastics around the engine and get access to the gearbox internal and shift rod.

You will need to unscrew M10 and M8 screws to remove plastics and access further. 

Get the 8 and 10-mm wrench from your Wrench Set and start the process until you locate the shift link.

Mark your transmission in neutral (the engine should be switched off), mark the link for your reference, hold it with an 8mm wrench, and lose the lock nuts from both ends with a 10mm wrench. Must do an equal rotation on both sides to avoid any play. 

That’s it and you are good to go.

Test out your ATV in the Back and Forth ride to figure out its smoothness and shifting. If you need more clearance, repeat the process until you reach a satisfactory point.

2. Improper Valves Adjustment

Another overtime CFMoto CForce 600 problem is a comparatively noisy engine due to improper valve adjustment. 

This or any big bore single cylinder engine might become noisy over time when the valve clearance is inaccurate.

If being too tight, the engine will make noise, and getting clearance to be accurate is the only way to make it less noisy again.

If this adjustment is not working, you can add sound mats to your engine after removing the plastics. This will not just make it quieter, it will also reduce vibration to bring a smooth ride. 

These mats are made up of elastomeric rubber. Adjustment of the valves should be sufficient.

3. Overheating exhaust and engine

Another common problem with the CForce 600 is an overheating engine and fired exhaust, especially in hot climates. This sometimes worsens and makes it hard to put your feet next to its engine due to a lot of heat and uncontrolled temperature.

Now, there are multiple reasons why this machine overheats.

First, if its Radiator is trapped with mud, debris, or dust and can’t breathe enough, it can also be the cause of overheating.

You may need to clean its radiator with a cleaner and better don’t use a pressure washer on the radiator or any component of the engine.

Keep the radiator clean and make sure its fan is working and gets active properly and at the right time.

If it does not activate on time, you may need to reprogram the ECU to lower its temperature to anything between 175° and 195°. So, it will be activated at a given temperature to prevent an overheating engine.

Secondly, if you regularly ride in low gear at low speed or high gear at low speed, the exhaust vents will surely get out of your mind.

This not just overheats the exhaust and engine, but it also affects the fuel tank, pump, and overall plastics sometimes leading to a melting exhaust as well.

Installing heat wrap on its exhaust and replacing a blown head gasket can keep your engine cool.

4. Unresponsive Throttle in High Gears

Well, this issue isn’t common just in CForce 600, it also occurs in CForce 400 and 500, a little often in high gears and sometimes in low gears too. It all happens due to a worn-out clutch system or a bad clutch.

Due to this problem, the engine can overheat too since you need to keep your machine mostly in low gear. As long as you are in the low gears, the issue might not bother you.

But the moment you try to get into high gears, the issue activates, stopping you from high gears and leaving jerky rides for you.

CFMOTO Primary Clutch Kit by RNG is worth your time for CForce 600 because you just need to replace your stock clutch and upgrade to a better-performing kit.

5. Engine Starting and Electrical Components Issues

This is an uncommon problem in CForce 600 but you should take note of it.

A few owners faced this issue when starting their engine and it may occur due to issues in the Spark plug, ignition system, fuel pump, and carburetor settings.

You should start fixing this issue by looking at the terminal connection of this machine. If you see any corrosion or rust, start cleaning it right away after removing the terminals.

Even if the terminals seem to be clear, they still could be acidic to later form rust. So, whether you find rust or not, cleaning its terminal should be the first step to sorting out starting issues. 

If the issue was there, it will be sorted out and you no longer need to even go for the next options.

The next option is to check any loose points in its terminals or wiring and try to tighten them again. Make sure to check its battery as well to ensure the right volts pass out to the fuel injector. 

Use a voltmeter to ensure its ratings, otherwise, you might even need to replace its battery.

Besides these electrical issues, some mechanical failures can also lead to an engine not starting. 

A bad spark plug, expired oil filter, problematic fuel pump with dust particles in it, blocked valves, and troubling carburetor, all can prevent its engine from starting and cause bogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What engine is in a CFMOTO CForce 600?

4 stroke, 4 valves 580 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with an output of 41 horsepower.

How fast is a CFMOTO 600?

55 MPH or 90 km/h.

Is the CFMoto 600 4×4?

Yes, the CFMoto CForce 600 is a 4×4 ATV.

Does the CFMoto 600 have power steering?

Yes, CFMoto has an electric power steering for added control.

How much does CFMoto CForce 600 weigh?

CFMoto CForce 600 weighs 915 lbs.

What is the weight limit on the CForce 600?

The CFMoto CForce 600 can tow up to 873 lbs while its front rank is capable of holding up to 100 lbs.

Is CFMOTO Canadian or Chinese?

CFMOTO is a Chinese ATV brand with outlets and dealerships all across the United States and Canada.

How good is CFMOTO CForce 600?

CFMOTO CForce 600 is a good and budget-friendly, performance-rich, and reliable machine. 

The machine provides up to 41 HP output with its big bore single cylinder engine providing efficient mileage and decent torque to cover rocky terrains and muddy trains with ease and comfort.


CFMoto CForce 600 Problems – What You Need To Know

Common CFMOTO CForce 600 Problems And Their Solutions

What Are CFMoto CForce 600 Problems?

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