5 Common Segway Fugleman Problems (With Fixes)

The Segway Fugleman is a great Utility Terrain Vehicle with many features. But you may face a few troubles with the vehicle as some users have.

The most common Segway Fugleman problems are hard gear, smoke with fire, hot dump handle, Bluetooth not connecting, and faulty T-Box.

But these issues are easy to fix if you know the correct procedure. 

In this article, the problems mentioned above will be discussed in detail along with the best way to fix them.

Segway Fugleman Problems

Segway Fugleman Problems

There are many common Segway Fugleman problems that users complain about. 

Here are some of them including the fixes.

1. Hard Gear

When there is a problem with the transmission system that regulates gear shifting, the hard gear issue can happen.

Shifting between gears may be difficult as a sign of a hard gear problem. While shifting, the transmission can make grinding noises or slip out of gear.

The transmission may function incorrectly due to low fluid levels or filthy fluid. 

The Segway Fugleman will consequently cause jerky shifting or gear shift slippage.


Locate the filler cap of your Segway Fugleman. Examine the fluid level after removing the filler cap. If the level is low, top it off with transmission fluid. 

It could be necessary to change the fluid if it seems unclean or discoloured.

By finding the drain plug or pan on the ATV’s bottom, you can empty the old fluid from the transmission. To collect the used fluid, place a container underneath the drain plug.

Replace the drain plug or pan and then add fresh transmission fluid after the old fluid has been drained. 

In order to give the new fluid time to circulate throughout the transmission, start the engine and let it idle.

2. Smoke and Fire

Overheating in the Segway Fugleman is one of the potential causes of smoke and fire. Plastic in the cockpit’s back panel could melt from overheating. 

It is situated between the cargo bed and the seats. This may present a fire risk. 

If your Segway Fugleman is having this problem you have to stop using it and put out the fire. Then, get professional assistance 

This is a significant problem that shouldn’t be disregarded.


In order to install a heat shield, the manufacturer recalled the product. To find out if your ATV is included in the recall, get in touch with the manufacturer or a licensed dealer. 

Set up a time to have the heatsink fitted if it is.

The technician will check the cooling system when you bring your Segway Fugleman in for service to be sure no further problems are causing the overheating.

The heat shield will next be installed by the expert. 

You should check the coolant level frequently and keep the radiator clean to avoid this problem.

3. Hot Dump Handle

A dump bed that is poorly built is the major cause of the problem with a heated dump handle. 

Additionally, inadequate ventilation around the engine and exhaust, as well as a broken cooling system, will worsen the issue.

When touching the dump handle, you could experience hot or burning sensations as a symptom. 

Users occasionally also report reduced power and overheated engines.


Take the following actions if your Segway Fugleman is having the problem:

  1. Get a dryer duct and an air blower. A lot of air should be able to be moved by the blower.
  2. Put the blower in that space between the dump bed and the seat. It will then be able to draw cool air from the outside of the ATV.
  3. Make sure the dryer duct is securely attached to the blower before attaching it.
  4. Place a c-clamp to hold the duct in place as you direct it to the space between the seat and the dump bed.

4. Bluetooth Won’t Connect

It’s possible that the Bluetooth connection between the Segway Fugleman ATV and the phone app won’t work. 

When attempting to connect, an error message can appear.

Finding the VIN might not be permitted for the app. In rare instances, another person, like a technician, may have already connected their phone to the ATV. 

You won’t be able to connect your phone if their phone is still linked.


If the connection is failed, examine if the app is permitted to locate the ATV’s VIN. Usually, this option is located in the app’s settings or permissions menu.

If the app is permitted to locate the VIN but the connection is still broken, check your phone’s Bluetooth settings to see whether any other devices are currently connected.

You will need to get in touch with the person in this situation and ask them to unbind their phone.

5. Faulty T-Box 

Numerous users have voiced their complaints about the Segway Fugleman’s malfunctioning T-Box. 

The issue may make it difficult to start the ATV and cause it to operate poorly.

Another issue is the inability to connect to the Segway Fugleman application. 

Additionally, the dashboard of the Segway Fugleman can show fault messages connected to the T-Box.

The problem could be caused by a defective power source, damage to the T-Box, or problems with the connections.


To resolve the problem, take these actions:

  • Turn off the ATV and unplug the battery.
  • Locate the T-Box. It is situated up front, close to the handlebars.
  • Verify the wiring and connections to make sure they are intact and properly connected.
  • It may be necessary to replace or repair any damaged wiring.
  • Check the T-Box’s power supply.
  • The power supply might need to be replaced if it is not operating properly.
  • You might need to swap out the T-Box if the wiring and power supply seem to be in good working order.
  • This can be accomplished by removing the old T-Box and replacing it with a new one.

Tips for Buying a Used Segway Fugleman

You should follow some common procedures before you want to buy a secondhand Segway Fugleman ATV. 

Be sure to inspect the dump handle and its temperature. If it’s too hot, you might need to install a blower.

Try to change the gears and see if they are smooth. Many used Fugleman have problems with shifting the gear. Next, you should inspect the T-Box and look for any error messages

A faulty T-Box may need to be replaced.

You should also try to connect your phone to the Segway Fugleman by disconnecting the previous owner’s device. If that does not work, you might need to contact customer support.

Lastly, make sure that there is an upgraded heat shield installed. Otherwise, the ATV might catch fire.


How much is the payload capacity on the Segway Fugleman?

Over 1499 lbs.

How much is the towing capacity of the Segway Fugleman?

1543  lbs.

What is the maximum speed of the Segway Fugleman?

Approximately 40 km per hour or 25 miles per hour.

How much is the bed box capacity on the Segway Fugleman?

770 lb.

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