6 Bombardier Quest 650 Problems-Easy Fixes Included!

The Bombardier Quest 650 is, without a doubt, a top-tier All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). They are durable and capable of handling any terrain.

Because of age and frequent use, bombardier quest 650 ATVs are prone to a wide range of difficulties, such as transmission failure, engine troubles, shifting problems, and the ATV failing to idle.

This article will go over these bombardier quest 650 problems and their solutions so that you can address them in the comfort of your own garage.

Bombardier Quest 650 Problems

The Bombardier Quest 650 ATV is incredibly sturdy, but it is also susceptible to failure, and various models of this ATV have been plagued with issues that you should be aware of.

The most frequent issues with the Bombardier Quest 650, and the simple solutions to them, are detailed here.

Bombardier Quest 650 Problems

1. The Engine Does Not Turn

Bombardier Quest 650 is reported to have engine issues. The engine refused to turn and this may be a result of wear and tear.

Sometimes it makes a “clunk” sound when you put gas in it, and then it dies.

This typically occurs when the battery is old or worn out, when the fuse blows, clogged spark plugs, or presence of metal shavings in the engine oil.

Engine problems are the most common problem with the 2003 model year Quest 650s.

The Fix: 

The malfunctioning spark plug must be replaced, clean the spark plug that is clogged.  Remove the tainted fuel mixture from the tank and fill it with fresh oil.

Ensure the battery has proper connections or is in working condition. Swap out the faulty battery.

Finally, replace any broken pins or gears.

2. Transmission Lever Issue

When operating the transmission lever on a Bombardier Quest 650, you could experience some difficulty. In the neutral or high position, users experienced a peculiar clattering sound.

Most of the time, this problem happens when the engine’s idle speed is made too fast. So, you might have to adjust how fast the idle motor runs. 

It may also be difficult to operate the transmission lever if it is soiled, or damaged, or if the CVT is dirty or worn out.

The Fix:

Ensure the idle speed of the vehicle is not too fast. Inspect the CVT to ensure that it is in working condition. 

3. Starter/ Solenoid Problems

When the start button is pressed on a Bombardier 650, the starter/solenoid clicks. In order to get the ATV started, you have to repeatedly press the button to engage the starter.

There have been also reports of complete starter failure. 

This can be caused by a faulty solenoid or starting connection that is either loose or rusted. If the solenoid does not pass 12 volts, you know it is defective.

It’s also possible that the issue is due to a defective battery.

Both the 2002 and 2003 models of Quest 650 suffer from solenoid connection issues. 

The Fix:

Make sure the battery is fully charged and functional, battery terminals are clean and corrosion-free, and the winch attached to the key switch works and all other electricals.

4. Clutch Issues 

Driving through tough terrain can wear out the clutch on the Bombardier Quest 650. 

The clutch can be corroded over time. Both primary and secondary clutches can be rusty and cause clutch issues.

The Fix: 

Disassembling the clutch, cleaning it thoroughly, and relubricating it should solve most cases of corrosion. 

If your ATV’s clutch is acting up, get a new one right away. 

5. Shifting Problems 

When driving a Quest 650, shifting between gears can be very difficult. When the engine is running, shifting from the park to other gears is difficult. 

If the Bombardier Quest 650’s transmission or engine oil is low, the gears may not move smoothly. In some cases, it locks in a low range with no way of getting it.

The oil that lacks the necessary specifications or additives for the tranny might be the root cause of shifting problems in some quads.

There have been reports of shifting problems in Bombardier models from 2002 and 2003.

The Fix:

Put in the right oil and sort out the electrical problems. Adjust the drive belt and clutch position. 

It will be difficult to change gears if your ATV idles higher than it should because the clutch will be slightly engaged all the time.

Put the idling speed on low.

6. Won’t idle 

The 2002 Bombardier Quest 650 may be started and maintained with a light throttle massage.

But, if you release the throttle and attempt to let the engine idle, it will always die, whether warm or cold.

Even with the new carburetor installed, the engine operates exactly the same.

The Fix:

A faulty fuel pump is one possible source of the problem. Replace the faulty fuel pump. Ensure that all wires and connectors are properly positioned.

Look for vacuum leaks as well.

Which Year Bombardier Quest 650 Has the Most Problems?

From 2002 to 2004, the Bombardier Quest 650 was on the market. There have been numerous problems with various model years over this time.

Of these, the 2002 and 2003 models are the worst and have the most documented problems.

2002 Bombardier Quest 650 

The 2002 Bombardier Quest 650 is plagued with a variety of problems, the most common of which is a stalling engine, problems with the engine, and starting issues.

Moreover, the model year 2002 makes a whining noise, smokes, and does not have any power.

The shifting lever of the 2002 Bombardier Quest reportedly won’t stay in position, causing the vehicle to slip out of gear.

They usually have problems with the crankshaft breaking within the first 500 miles.

2003 Bombardier Quest 650 

The 2003 Quest 650 has problems with the solenoid starter, engine problems (such as cutouts at higher throttle settings), and crank failure

These ATVs are plagued with transmission problems and have little mileage.

There is a major issue with the engine brakes on the 2003 Quest 650s. When the throttle is released, the vehicle dives steeply.


The Bombardier Quest 650 is an excellent all-terrain vehicle. This is mostly due to the fact that it is incredibly resilient and can be driven on any terrain. 

The focus of this article has been on the potential issues that can arise with a Bombardier Quest 650. 

The most prevalent bombardier quest 650 problems are:

  • Engine misfiring and not turning is one the common issue of this ATV.
  • The transmission lever on these ATVs is very hard to move.
  • Engaging the starter can be difficult if the solenoid is faulty.
  • When driving through rough terrain the clutch can be challenging to use.
  • Difficulty Shifting gears is another major issue of Bombardier Quest 650.
  • This ATV won’t idle.

It is essential to realize that practically all ATVs are likely to encounter troubles at some point.

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