2005 Honda Rincon 650 Problems (4 Fixes Added)

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 is a powerful all-terrain vehicle that has gained a significant following due to its excellent performance, durability, and reliability. Customers have praised its power, smooth handling, high ground clearance, ability to handle heavy loads, and comfortable ride.

While this model received mostly positive feedback from customers and ATV enthusiasts, there were a few issues that were frequently encountered. These are transmission, difficulty in starting, overheating, and electrical problems.

In this article, we will find out the most common 2005 Honda Rincon 650 problems and their easy fixes. 

Let’s get started!

2005 Honda Rincon 650 Problems

Here are the common problems with a 2005 Honda Rincon 650:

Common Problems of 2005 Honda Rincon 650

1. Transmission Problem

Transmission problems are one of the most common issues with the 2005 Honda Rincon 650. 

Symptoms may include a slipping transmission, stuck gears or grinding gears, difficulty shifting gears, or grinding gears. 

These issues are typically caused by a worn clutch or transmission belt.


To determine the specific problem with the transmission, a mechanic will need to perform a diagnostic test. If fuel is dripping out of the carburetor, then you need to rebuild it.

The transmission may need to be repaired or replaced depending on the problem. The clutch or belt may need to be replaced as well.

It is a 500-buck-ish repair job at your local Honda dealer. Moreover, the adjustment of your shift cable needs to hit the ‘sweet spot’. Replace the shift cable. 

2. Starting and Running Problems

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 was notorious for the auto cam chain adjuster to let loose and then work again (jump time). The machine would start but then run idle. 

Poor acceleration and power, however, sometimes show up. 


Check to make sure that the choke was not stuck in the full choke position. It could be a broken timing chain, or a valve issue (a  stuck valve or rocker arm being slipped off).

Any of those could cause a lack of compression/vacuum.

The camshaft position sensor and timing chain need to be checked and fixed. If necessary, they should be replaced.

However, this is a very time-consuming process. 

3. Overheating 

The Rincon 650 lights up the temp light as soon as 15-20 minutes pass. This happens because of overheating. And the most probable cause is the cooling fan not working. 

Additionally, there’s not enough space between the coolers. Which hardly allows fast cooling.

The dirt easily gets trapped between the radiator and the oil cooler.


Spacing them out might fix the overheating problem. Before that, pull the front plastic and wash your radiator. 

4. Electrical Problem

The Rincon (and all Hondas) are controlled by a computer (the ECM). poor electrical connections can damage the ECM. 

Your Rincon might not idle correctly and stall when you put it in gear. Besides, dash lights being out of control and flashing are also common. 


Replace the battery for starters. You can then proceed to replace the ECM.

Cleaning the carb and getting the right fuel also keeps this issue at bay, especially keeping the dashboard lights sane

Is a 2005 Honda Rincon 650 Better than Other Honda Rincon 650 Models?

There were three main models of the Honda Rincon 650 that were produced between 2003 and 2005. These models were:

2003 Honda Rincon 650 (TRX650FA)

2004 Honda Rincon 650 (TRX650FGA)

2005 Honda Rincon 650 (TRX650FA)

Each of these models has some differences.

According to some customers, the 2005 model has a better transmission system, improved braking, and more reliable fuel injection than previous years.

They also value the smoother ride due to the improved suspension and reduced engine vibration.

Others argue that the 2003 and 2004 models are more durable and easier to maintain. Moreover, the 2003 and 2004 models arguably have more comfortable seats and a faster throttle.

According to statistics, the 2005 Rincon has slightly more horsepower than the 2003 and 2004 models.

The weight of the 2005 model, on the other hand, is slightly heavier, which may affect its performance in certain situations.

No matter the statistics, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Tips for Buying a Used 2005 Honda Rincon 650

Here are some tips for specifically buying a used 2005 Honda Rincon 650:

Oil check: Rincons have a plastic gas tank. The ethanol fuel eats rubber lines etc. So the debris in the tank could make for poor performance. Check for this before you buy.

Check the tires: The stock tires were crap and wore quickly. Heavy tires suck the power quickly. The stock wheels are the best option and 26″ tires would be about as big as you would want to go without taking away too much power.

So make sure the model has stock wheels but aftermarket better tires. 

Test drive: It is a large single-cylinder motor so it shakes, ticks and purrs at speed. Get it going and everything smooths out. Check how it performs in deep mud. 

Check water pump: There was a problem with the water pump’s weep hose in these Rincon models. The one-way valve did not function properly, allowing debris and causing seals to fail. 

The tranny’s o-rings were also prone to failure, resulting in a lack of power when accelerating through the gears. Check that the water/antifreeze is clean and maintains its level of pressure after some riding.

Check if the ATV pulls decently through the gears.

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What type of transmission does the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 have?

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 has an automatic transmission with a hydraulic torque converter.

What is the fuel capacity of the 2005 Honda Rincon 650?

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 has a fuel capacity of 4.3 gallons.

How much horsepower does a 2005 Honda Rincon have??

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 has 35.5 horsepower.

What is the price range for a used 2005 Honda Rincon 650?

Depending on the condition, mileage, and location, it can cost between $2,500 to $4,000.

Does the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 have power steering?

No, it does not.

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