7 Common CFMoto CForce 400 Problems

CFMoto CForce 400 is a budget, beginner-friendly, durable, speedy, and powerful ATV. Featuring a smooth experience, most of its owners are happy with their purchase of this magnificent machine. Some buyers are unhappy due to problems with CFMoto CForce 400.

The common CFMoto CForce 400 problems are its problematic EVAP system, a lagging throttle response, Overheating engine, firing exhaust, engine not starting, Issues with the brakes and fuel system with some electrical and a few suspension problems.

We will go through each of these common and uncommon problems with tested solutions.

CFMoto CForce 400 Problems

The common CFMoto CForce 400 problems are:

CFMoto CForce 400 Problems

1. Problematic EVAP system

CFMoto CForce 400 is amongst the fewest ATVs to incorporate an environmentally friendly CFMoto EVAP system. It limits the petrol vapors to evaporate into the environment and keeps the atmosphere clean and livable.

But, this EVAP system is actually problematic and not up to mark. This system sometimes cuts off the air supply to the fuel tank. It not only chokes the engine, but it also causes vapor lock issues in the engine. This issue appears in CFMotor CForce 500 as well.

To get rid of this issue, you need to get rid of the EVAP system first and later adjust the vent lines located inside its fuel tank for further ease.

For that, you need to lose the vacuum pipe from the throttle body and EVAP system and disconnect the hose from the EVAP and throttle body connector. 

Better extract the complete hose outside of the engine or tap its one end to make sure everything goes fine in the future.

After that, remove the vent line and valve from the fuel tank and position its open end to the ground so the vent line can breathe properly

If you do these two things, the EVAP and vapor lock issues will be sorted out.

2. Lagging Throttle Response

Another common problem with the CFMoto CForce 400 is its throttle lagging, certainly in high gears.

It occurs when you push the throttle to its limit and expect the machine to deliver full output on the meter.

You might get a good response in lower gears, but high gears lag a lot. Or even if throttles, the ride may be jerky and uncomfortable.

Well, this is the issue due to the problematic stock clutch that your engine is loaded with. If the clutch plate itself or its fork or assembly is not in good condition, the throttle response will become worse in high gear.

This could be the core reason but dirty air filters or fuel injectors can also play a leading role. In any case, It makes your machine frustrating.

However, first, check these minor issues to see if they work. If it does, you can save precious time. Otherwise, upgrading the clutch is worth it.

Regularly maintain your bike to fix these issues on time and with less harm to the engine. Make sure the air filter and fuel injectors are in great condition, the fuel pump and fuel tank are not rusting or keeping any debris in them.

Clean the fuel lines and diagnose any issue with the throttle sensor so it’s mixing the air and fuel perfectly and does not impact the throttle response.

3. Overheating exhaust and engine

Overheating engines and an overheating exhaust, both are dangerous for your engine health and disability. If your CFMoto CForce 400 overheats, you are not alone since this is a common issue.

If any of its engine or exhaust pipe overheats, this could be a sign of a failed coolant system, inefficient or blocked radiator, and head gasket issues. Other reasons are, you are constantly running this machine on low gears, the heat wrap is not installed, and also extreme summer.

To prevent your engine and exhaust from overheating, make sure there’s enough coolant in the engine and if it’s leaking. 

If there’s any leakage, replace the coolant box and fill the next one to a certain level. Start your machine and check if it’s still leaking. If it does, move on to the next.

The next thing you need to do is clean your radiator with a cleaner and keep the pressure washer to a minimum PSI. A thorough and on-time clean-up can save your engine from overheating.

If your gasket is also blown, replace it instantly, wrap its exhaust with a heat shield, and don’t excessively run your machine in low gears, especially in the summer.

These precautions and safety measures will keep your machine cool.

4. The engine not starting out

Common in almost any ATV on earth, including CFMotor CForce 400 as well, since it’s no different. You will be peacefully riding this machine all day and the next day, you find it’s not starting out. How frustrating can it be?

This problem occurs due to three to four potential reasons. If your spark plug is burnt, the starter is making troubles, and issues with the fuel and carburetor.

Identifying and bypassing issues with any of these components can put your machine back on track.

Start by looking at its spark plug to see if there are any rust, coolant, oil, or fuel particles. If you see any, clean it instantly or replace the spark plug with a high-quality Iridium Spark Plug.

Then, make sure you are using the right quality gas in your machine so the fuel tank is working properly.

Take a look at the fuel pump as well to see air and fuel mixture are happening correctly.

Carburetor might need replacement if everything is fine or check the valve clearance as well. Clean the carburetor for any issues and fixes.

5. Electrical Problems

Often neglected but a common problem with the CFMotor CForce 400 occurs due to faulty or problematic electrical components. These issues can sometimes lead to a serious problem with no option left but to replace that particular component.

Common electrical problems are a failure or dimming of headlights, indicators or brake lamps not working, and issues with sensors and switches.

You can fix these issues by running its battery and wiring through a skimmed look. Check if the terminals are connected tightly with no loose points in between.

Can you see any rust or corrosion on these terminals? Even if you don’t see it, clean these terminals and make sure the battery is in perfect condition and has 12 volts.

Look for any potentially damaged wire or connection point located anywhere. If the battery is not charging properly or not having enough volts, it might need an instant replacement.

6. Brake Issues

Usually, this issue comes when you haven’t checked your machine for a while, or if you are heavily footing on the brakes. This is not a common issue but is critical and needs an immediate fix.

Sometimes, the brake fluid may leak or brake pads are not productive enough. In both cases, the brakes may malfunction or lose effectiveness. Simply, check if the brake pads are in perfect condition and there should not be any leakage.

Regularly test its brake whenever you are about to ride. And, if the issue happens midway, seek help as quickly as possible.

7. Suspension Problems

A deal breaker problem if you never want to compromise on the comfort and smoothness of your rides. The suspension of this machine is mostly rough since it’s an ATV. But, if you are not happy with the suspension, you can upgrade it to the aftermarket suspension like this one here.

Another tip, try to reduce the tire pressure and compromise a little bit on its ground clearance. Unless you are hitting rocky terrain, this trick works best to keep things impressive and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fuel tank capacity of CFMoto 400?

CFMoto 400 has a fuel tank capacity of 17 litres or 4.5 gallons.

How much does a CFMoto 400 cost?

A post-2020 CFMoto 400 can cost you anything between $4000 to $6000.

How much horsepower does a CFMoto 400 have?

This Machine produces 41 HP power and 32 NM torque.

Does CFMoto 400 have power steering?

Yes, CFMoto 400 has Power steering but in its EPS version only.

What is the fuel consumption of CFMoto 400?

25 km/ltr or 55 mile/gallon

How much does a CFMoto CForce 400 weigh?

CFMoto CForce 400 weighs 750 lbs

What is the ground clearance of a Cforce 400?

CFMoto CForce 400 has a ground clearance of 10 inches

What is the towing capacity of the Cforce 400s?

The towing capacity of 620 lbs and its head rack has a capacity of 75 lbs.

Is CFMoto CForce 400 worth buying?

Due to its lightweight body, durable construction, superior performance, budget, and beginner friendly design, the CFMoto CForce is a worth buying machine for beginners and recreational riders looking to get a decent riding experience.

Its 400cc engine produces 41 HP, enough to push this machine on mud and rocky terrains.

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CFMoto CForce 400 Problems You Need To Know 

CFMoto CForce 400 Problems and How to Fix it!


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