6 Common CFMoto UForce 500 Problems (With Easy Fixes!)

The CFMoto UForce 500 is a popular side-by-side utility vehicle that is designed for both work and recreational use. However, like any other vehicle, the UForce 500 may experience issues and problems.

CFMoto UForce 500 problems can range from minor issues such as difficulty in starting the engine to more serious problems such as a faulty fuel pump or weakened steering column.

In this article, some of the most common CFMoto UForce 500 problems will be discussed that the owners may encounter.

CFMoto UForce 500 Problems 

Here are some of the most common CFMoto UForce 500 problems that users face often:

Common Problems of CFMoto UForce 500

1. Engine Won’t Crank

Users of the UForce 500 2016, 2017, and 2019 have experienced this issue. The engine crank problem is often caused by a dead battery or a defective starting relay.

As a result, turning the key will provide no reaction. The engine occasionally cranks slowly but does not start.

This might happen if the battery grows old. 


Locate the starting relay first when replacing a defective starter relay. It’s next to the battery on your CFMoto UForce 500.

Test the relay with a multimeter. If the relay fails, you may not receive a reading or receive an extremely low reading.

If the relay is defective, it must be replaced.

2. Excessive Noise

Many users of the CFMoto UForce 500 have complained on too much noise coming from the ATV. The principal causes of this problem are loose or damaged exhaust or engine components.

A loud noise might also be produced by worn-out wheel bearings or bushings. If this occurs, you will hear grinding or screeching noises while driving or idling.


Examine the exhaust, body panels, and engine components for any damage or looseness. Tighten any loose components and replace those that are damaged.

Check the wheel bearings and bushings for wear and, if required, replace them. If the noise persists, examine and oil the camshaft as needed.

3. Weak Steering Column

Many customers have complained about having a weak steering column on a CFMoto UForce 500. This issue is common with the 2015 and 2018 models.

A typical cause of this issue is loose or worn steering components such as tie rods, ball joints, or the steering shaft.

If any of these components are loose or broken, you may experience unstable steering and turning sounds.

Damage to the steering column, such as a bent or fractured column, may potentially compromise the component’s strength.


Examine the tie rods and steering shaft to see whether they are loose. Fasten any loose parts. Tightening tape and tools may be required.

Inspect the steering column for any damage as well. If the steering column is damaged or fractured, it must be replaced.

4. Broken Exhaust Pipe Support

The 2015 and 2017 model of the UForce shows this problem very often. The metal of the support might corrode or rust with time, compromising its structural integrity.

A direct strike or force on the exhaust pipe or support might potentially break it. The exhaust system may be making a rattling noise.

The exhaust pipe might be hanging lower than normal or skewed to one side.

As a result, exhaust gas might seep through the exhaust pipe, increasing emissions.


First and foremost, check the exhaust system to locate the broken support and assess the amount of damage.

Remove the bolts or clamps holding the broken support to the frame or exhaust pipe with a wrench or socket set. Cut through any rusted or corroded metal.

To clean, use a wire brush or sandpaper. Replace the former exhaust support in its original location. To attach the support to the frame or exhaust pipe, install new bolts or clamps.

5. Fuel Pump Won’t Run

This is a major issue for the 2015 UForce models. The fuel pump on a CFMoto UForce 500 may not operate unless the relay is jumped.

A defective relay, for example, may prevent the fuel pump from receiving electricity.

Corroded or loose wires between the relay and the fuel pump can also prevent electricity from reaching the pump.


Examine the wiring and connections that link the relay to the fuel pump. Check that all of the connections are tight and clean. Remove any rust with a wire brush.

With a multimeter, examine the fuel pump for appropriate operation. If the fuel pump is broken, it must be replaced.

6. Difficulty in Starting

The users of the 2016 and 2019 models have complained about this issue. If the battery has a low voltage, it may not be able to start the engine.

The engine may be more difficult to start in colder weather due to heavier oil or other cold weather variables.

As a result, starting the engine takes longer than usual.


Examine the battery voltage. Replace or recharge the battery if the voltage is low.

If the engine is difficult to start owing to chilly weather, warm it up before starting. This may be accomplished by briefly turning the key to the “on” position before attempting to start the engine.

Which Year CFMoto UForce 500 Has the Most Problems?

Some of the CFMoto UForce 500 ATVs are worse than the others because of the problems these show. 2016, 2017, and 2019 UForce 500 have problems with the engine not cranking.

Many users of the 2015 and 2018 UForce 500 have complained about having weak steering columns.

There have been cases of broken steering columns which is a major issue.

The 2015 and 2017 UForce 500 have a problem with exhaust pipe support. These supports can break due to rust and corroding.

Also, the UForce 2015 had a bad case of the fuel pump not operating unless the relay was jumped.

Other known cases were with the UForce 500 2016 and 2019 models. These models had an issue with starting in cold weather.

It is clear that the CFMoto UForce 2015 model received the most amount of complaints followed by 2016 and 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How big is the CFMoto UForce 500’s engine?

495cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

What are some of the CFMoto UForce 500’s basic features?

Power steering, adjustable shocks, a digital instrument display, and four-wheel drive, are standard on the UForce 500.

How long is the warranty on the CFMoto UForce 500?

6-month limited factory warranty.

What is the CFMoto UForce 500’s top speed?

The UForce 500 has a top speed of about 45 miles per hour.

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CFMoto UForce 500 is a popular UTV because of its power to do any work. However, this vehicle also has some problems that many users experienced.

These are the most common problems of CFMoto UForce 500 that users faced during the use of this UTV.

  1. The engine won’t crank
  2. Excessive noise
  3. Weak steering column
  4. Broken exhaust pipe support
  5. The fuel pump won’t run
  6. Difficulty in starting

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