5 Common Tracker 570 ATV Problems (Fixes added!)

Tracker Off-road manufactures the Tracker 570 ATV, an all-terrain vehicle. It’s a midsize ATV that manages to be both powerful and economical.

However, there are problems with this ATV that you should know about.

Problems with the transmission, the engine not starting at high speeds, oil leaking, and the battery not charging, and starting are the most frequently reported problems with this Tracker 570 ATV.

Keep reading the article to learn more about the typical tracker 570 ATV problems and the simple solutions to those.

Tracker 570 ATV Problems 

The Tracker 570 ATV has earned a reputation as a sturdy and capable off-road vehicle.  But people who want to ride the Tracker 570 ATV, should be aware that this one is plagued with some issues.

Tracker 570 ATV Problems

1. Engine runs poorly at high speed

The engine of Tracker 570 performs poorly when at high RPM. This is a common problem in this ATV.

If the gas is tainted or the springs on the valves are too weak, improper valve timing, or wear on cams, rocker arms, and tappets the engine would run poorly

Misaligned spark plugs, problematic ignition coil, and problems with the fuel pump. This issue can also arise if the air filter and gasoline hose become clogged.

The Fix:

Empty the tank and refill it with fresh gas. Repair the broken time valves and springs. Swap out the cams, arms, and tappets.

Change the ignition oil and the fuel pump. Replace or clean hoses.

2. Transmission Issue

 Transmission failure is the most frequently reported problem with the Tracker 570.

The majority of owners have complained about transmission problems like sluggish shifts, slipping gears, delayed engagement, fluid leaks, and grinding noises.

Low transmission fluid levels, unclean or contaminated transmission fluid, worn or broken transmission components, and electrical issues with the transmission control module are only some of the common causes of transmission problems.

The Fix:

If you observe any transmission-related warning signs, you should fix them immediately.

Ensure proper gear lubrication and swap out any damaged drive belt covers or low-quality parts. Switch out the faulty clutch.

3. Battery Is Not Charging

There are electrical problems plaguing the Tracker 570. Yet, the most typical cause is that this ATV’s battery does not charge.

This issue may occur if the lead wires or connections are faulty if the magneto coils are open, loose, or shorted, or if the regulator or rectifier does not function properly.

The Fix:

  • Repair or replace the tightened lead wires 
  • Replace magneto coils 
  • Replace regulator/rectifier

4. Starting Issues

Users have experienced a few starting difficulties with the Tracker 570. The engine may have trouble starting, start intermittently, or refuse to start altogether. 

Problems getting the vehicle started could be due to a discharged or faulty battery, tainted gas, a broken starter motor, or a dirty air filter or housing.

The Fix: 

  • To fix Replace or charge the battery as necessary.
  • Fill up with fresh gas and refill the tank.
  • The air filter/housing should be cleaned or replaced as needed.

5. Leaking oil

Transmission seals, the oil filter, the oil drain plug, and the valve cover gasket are all potential oil leak points on the Tracker 570.

As these components wear out or break, oil can leak and wreak havoc on the engine.

The Fix:

Oil leaks should be fixed immediately since they can ruin the engine and make driving unsafe if the fluid goes on the wheels. 

  • Fix any broken or worn-out components
  • Clean the fuel filter that may be clogged

If your Tracker 570 is leaking oil, you should take it to an expert ATV mechanic as soon as possible.

Which Year Tracker 570 ATV Has the Most Problems?

After years of success in the boating industry, Bass Pro and Tracker decided to expand into land-based activity with the introduction of Tracker Off-road.

These ATVs are essentially Arctic Cat Alterra ATVs with different names.

The 2020 model of Tracker 570 is plagued with more problems than others. However, this year is plagued with transmission issues and battery not charging problems etc.

The year 2021 has problems that are comparable to those of the previous year, but the year 2020 has some additional concerns that will make it the most problematic year for the Tracker 570.


The Tracker 570 ATV is a high-performance, high-economy ATV with a class-leading combination of durability and comfort. But there are a few problems with this ATV. 

This article focuses on the most common tracker 570 ATV problems users have and how to fix them easily.

The prevalent problems discussed in this article –

  • Transmission problems are very common in Tracker ATV 570. 
  • When driving at high speeds, these ATVs’ engines may suddenly slow down or stop. 
  • The battery of these ATVs frequently does not charge.
  • The Tracker 570 can also leak oil from various places, including the oil drain plug, valve cover gasket, oil filter, and transmission seals 
  • The engine may occasionally experience trouble starting, inconsistent starting, or complete failure to start.

Apart from these problems, the Tracker 570 is an all-over good all-terrain vehicle.

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