6 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Problems (Easy Fixes Included)

The Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is a rec-utility vehicle produced from 2006 to 2009. The vehicle in question is an off-road, all-terrain UTV. The highlighted features of this UTV are independent suspension, four-wheel drive, and automatic transmission. However, it is also known to have some problems as well.

The most common Arctic Cat Prowler 650 problems are engine making rattling noise, cranking issues, engine bogging down, electrical problems, steering problems, and overheating.

Some of the most typical Arctic Cat Prowler 650 problems that owners could run across are covered in this article.

So, let’s read to fix your UTV!

Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Problems

The following are some of the most typical problems encountered by users of the Arctic Cat Prowler 650. For your ease we have also added easy fixes with all of the problems: 

Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Problems

1. Engine Making Rattling Noise

Users of the 2006 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 face engine rattling noise problems about which they have complained in forums and YouTube videos.

When you run your Arctic Cat Prowler 650 with high RPM, the engine starts producing loud noises because of the malfunction of the clutch roller.

The noise may occasionally disappear at idle, but it is always agonizingly loud at any throttle setting. The problem can also arise for high RPM with low oil.


You will need to drain the oil from your motor and look inside for any metal. Good compression increases the likelihood that the high-end will be strong.

Also, check the rocker arm cover’s lubrication by removing it.

They have splash-fed bottom ends. Thus the problem may also have been due to little oil. Therefore I suggest that you should use a synthetic 10/40 or 20/50 oil that is suitable for damp clutches.

Any damaged components may wind up in the sump at the bottom of the motor.

2. Cranking Problem

After years of use, the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 can show signs of cranking problems. Even if you charge the battery, the gauges stop working about the same time the cranking problem starts.

Dirty or faulty plugs can prevent the firing, which might create a cranking problem.

Some users tried to fix this problem by unplugging the gauges, but after this, the cranking problem remained.


First, you will need to check if the battery connection of the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is alright to solve the problem. If it is, charging or replacing the battery can solve the cranking problem.

As a dirty or faulty plug creates a cranking problem, so if you will clean or replace the spark plug it can solve the problem.

3. Engine Bogging Down

After using the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 for some years, the engine may malfunction in various ways. Running the Arctic Cat Prowler 60 for so long may start to backfire suddenly and then bog down.

A blocked or filthy air filter can limit airflow to the engine and bog it down.

A faulty fuel pump also can bog down the Arctic Cat Prowler 650’s engine because it reduces the fuel pump.

A faulty ignition can also cause the engine of the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 to bog down.


Engine bogging down can be caused by uneven fuel pumping. Thus you can fix this problem by fixing the pumping issue.

The best solution may be to replace the pump.

If defective ignition is the issue, the fix is to identify, repair, or replace the problematic ignition components of your UTV.

4. Electrical Problems

For the 2005 Arctic Cat Prowler 650, there can be a problem with the wiring. The wire can be broken or ripped. For this, the Arctic Cat Prowler 650’s crank may not work.

Moreover, the grounded wire connecting the coil to the frame may stop functioning. The wire is applicable.

Occasionally the gauge, such as the speedometer or fuel gauge, may not function correctly. 


First, you should fix the wiring problem by inspecting the wiring’s schematic diagram of the Arctic Cat Prowler 650.

Also, fix the diodes issue. The diodes act as a check valve by limiting the direction in that electricity can travel.

They are directional, meaning it matters how you plug them in.

To fix it, you will need to open the fuse box. Now, if the diode is in the backward direction, flip it. Executing this procedure will solve your problem.

5. Steering Issues

Some users of this UTV complained about the tight steering problem.

If the steering is tight, you should check out a few things on the Arctic Cat Prowler 650. The steering shaft’s underside has a bearing.

It is all fastened to the frame via a bracket. It may be difficult to turn if this bearing is damaged.

Sometimes the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 may pull to one side or experience uneven steering due to misalignment.

Incorrect installation or adjustment, worn-out or broken steering components, and other factors can contribute to this.


To fix this problem, you should first, check if the bearing of the steering wheel is okay. For the bearing inspection, you should remove the wheels.

Then, jack up the front of the ATV, and separate the outside tie rods from the steering knuckles.

Then examine and make sure that bearing still feels tight. You can replace it anytime if there is an issue with the Arctic Cat Prowler 650’s bearing.

6. Overheating

Certain users have noted the Arctic Cat Prowler 650 to overheat or run hot. Many problems, such as a blocked radiator or a broken thermostat, may be to blame.

Inadequate cooling might result from a blocked or filthy radiator that restricts airflow. The water pump also pumps coolant throughout it to control the engine’s temperature.

The engine may overheat or fail to cool adequately due to a broken water pump. 


To fix the overheating problem, you should inspect the radiator operations. Fix if there is any problem with the radiator.

You can also diagnose and replace the faulty water pump. Cleaning or replacing the air filter can also solve the Arctic Cat Prowler 650’s overheating problem.

Which Year Arctic Cat Prowler 650 Has the Most Problems?

Users of the 2006 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 have posted on forums about facing engine rattling problems. High rpm or engine throttling may cause this problem.

Some users of the 2006 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 have complained about having a cranking problem.

A faulty battery or spark plug may cause this issue.

2008 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 users faced engine bogging down the problem.

For the 2005 Arctic Cat Prowler 650, many users faced an electrical problem. These problems can arise from bad wiring, ignition, or spark plug dust.

2006 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 showed overheating issues for some users. This issue might occur due to a faulty cooler or a radiator.

So, the Arctic Cat Prowler 650’s 2006 model is the most problematic, with many users complaining about various issues in the forums.


The Arctic Cat Prowler 650 is a side-by-side all-terrain vehicle. As it has many advantages and features, It also has several common problems, including 

  • Engine Making Rattling Noise  
  • Cranking Problem
  • Engine Bogging Down
  • Electrical Problem
  • Steering Issues
  • Overheating

All of the common Arctic Cat Prowler 650 problems have been discussed in this article. 

The issues can be solvable, but proper maintenance can provide better service. To fix the problems, follow my instructions as discussed in this article.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Has this article helped you to resolve your problems or to make a decision? Do you still need help with your Arctic Cat Prowler 650?

Let me know in the comments! I am happy to assist you!

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