5 Common Can-Am DS 70 Problems (Are These Hard to Solve?)

The Can-Am DS 70 is an adored and dependable ATV for beginners. With features like a completely automated transmission and an adjustable throttle limiter, it is made to be simple to handle and run. 

The most common Can-Am DS 70 problems are difficulty replacing the throttle, issues with the transmission, hard to start, speed issues and excessive idle problems.

Several of the typical Can-Am DS 70 issues will be discussed in this article, along with their solutions.

What are the Can-Am DS 70 Problems? 

These are the most common Can-Am DS 70 problems that are most common among the users:

1. Difficulty Replacing the Throttle Cable

There are several reports from customers stating that the Can-Am DS 70 from the years 2009, 2011 and 2014 exhibits trouble when the throttle cable has to be replaced.

The new throttle cable may occasionally be incompatible with the Can-Am DS 70 model, which can result in this problem. 

Oftentimes the old cable has been worn out to the point where it has been destroyed. 

However, other parts, such as the throttle tube, might also be to blame.

The fix

To start, thoroughly examine the throttle cable to look for signs of excessive wear, kinking, or fraying.  After the replacement, make sure the cable can move freely.

Check the free-play of the throttle lever and make any required adjustments.

Study the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any kinks or bends in the new cable. 

To avoid any problems, take your time and route the cable properly.

2. Transmission Issues

It can be a sign that there is a transmission issue with your Can-Am DS 70 if changing through the gears is tough, the gear slides or you hear peculiar popping or grinding noises.

Abnormal overheating is frequently a sign that the transmission fluid is damaged in some way. 

This causes the components to wear out faster and sustain more damage.

There’s a chance that the transmission will make an odd noise, like clunking.

The fix

First, see if the problem can be resolved by adjusting or replacing the shift linkage, synchronizer rings, or other transmission parts.

If there is a transmission fluid leak, the transmission case may need to be repaired. Also, the seals or gaskets may need to be replaced.

By monitoring and maintaining the transmission fluid level and making sure the cooling system is operating properly.

Examine the worn gears or bearings to determine whether the transmission needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

3. Hard to Start

There are various complaints about the Can-Am DS 70 from the year 2008 that it occasionally struggles to start. This may occur as a result of the damaged battery problem.

A bad ignition system and infrequent air filter inspection can also contribute to starting issues. 

Starting issues may be a result of inadequate fuel supply or tainted fuel.

Sometimes, the spark and the spark plug might become loose. Additionally, a defective plug and infrequent cleaning might cause this issue.

The fix

Initially check to see whether the battery is weak or dead. Then, if necessary, recharge or replace the battery.

Drain the tank often and add new fuel. If required, replace the fuel filter and fuel lines after verifying for obstructions or damage.

Check the ignition system if it’s malfunctioning sometimes. Ensure that the ignition coil and spark plug are both safely attached to the spark plug wire.

4. Speed Issues 

According to certain buyers, the Can-Am DS 70 model from 2008 has some speed difficulties.

A blocked fuel filter or a broken fuel pump might all be at blame for this. The engine may slow down if the fuel system is not supplying the proper quantity of fuel to it. 

The airflow to the engine may be obstructed by a clogged air filter, slowing down the ATV’s speed. 

Since the engine needs clean air to function properly, the air intake system must supply it. 

The fix

Be certain that the ATV is maintained properly. This covers routine oil changes and the cleaning or replacement of air filters. Don’t forget to regularly check the spark plugs. 

Make sure the fuel is pure and of the finest quality. Drain the tank and refuel it with new fuel if the current fuel is stale or polluted.

Examine the air intake and, if required, clean or replace the air filter before doing anything else. 

Additionally, your Can-Am DS 70’s engine performance and speed can be increased with upgraded parts

5. High Idle Problem

The carburetor may be the source of this issue occasionally, since it can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine and make it idle high if it is dusty, clogged, or out of balance.

The throttle cable connects the throttle lever on the handlebars to the carburetor. This can cause the engine to idle above if it is too loose or too tight.

The engine can sometimes misfire and idle high due to defective or dysfunctional electrical parts, such as the ignition coil or spark plug. 

The fix

If the problem is with the carburetor, it may need to be adjusted in the first place. 

Use a soft-bristled brush and carburetor cleanser to clean the carburetor if it is dusty or blocked. Check the instruction manual or ask a knowledgeable mechanic for assistance for better understanding. 

By changing the throttle cable, the problem may be fixed. The cable must be adjusted to the right tension. 

To check whether the ignition coil, spark plug, or other electrical components are working properly, test them by using a multi-meter

Which Year Can-Am DS 70 Has the Most Problems?

The 2009 and 2011 Can-Am DS 70 is allegedly known to have the most significant struggles among the other versions, according to customers. 

The Can-Am DS 70’s occasional inability to start has been the most prevalent issue for customers in recent years. 

The 2008 Can-Am DS 70 has a number of problems, including a problematic transmission. 

Customers allege that because of the ATV’s fuel issues and overheating, this problem arises frequently.

The speed issue is one of the 2014 Can-Am DS 70’s many well-known concerns. The lack of routine spark plug inspections and low fuel quality are the main causes of troubles like this.

Tips for Buying a Used Can-Am DS 70

Young and novice riders are the target market for the Can-Am DS 70, so it is crucial to check the ATV thoroughly. 

Be sure to inspect the used Can-Am DS 70 for any of the problems mentioned above.

Especially, look for the throttle cable and transmission for any visible problems.

You should do some test runs with the used ATV to determine if it has any speed issues. It also might have difficulty with starting.

Numerous add-ons, including safety equipment, storage racks, and winches, can be installed on the Can-Am DS 70. 

Check these parts thoroughly for any damage.

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