5 Common Linhai 400 UTV Problems (With Fixes)

The Linhai 400 UTV, also known as the LH400CUV-2, is a flexible and strong off-road vehicle built to handle difficult terrain and demanding activities including carrying towing, and transportation. 

However, the Linhai 400 UTV, like any other machine, is prone to issues and failures, particularly if not properly maintained and repaired.

The most common problems of Linhai 400 UTV include idle issues, malfunctioning clutch, stall when accelerated, smell like burning oil, and UTV that won’t start.

This article will discuss all the major problems you may face with your Linhai 400 UTV and their respective solutions. 

Completely read this article to learn more about Linhai 400 UTV problems and their solutions. 

Linhai 400 UTV Problems 

Linhai 400 UTV Problems

Five of the most common problems of Linhai 400 UTV and their respective solutions are given below:

Linhai 400 UTV problemsSolutions
UTV won’t StartFix the battery, spark plug, fuel pump, carburetor, and compression issues
Idle IssueClean the carburetorAdjust the idle screw
Malfunctioning ClutchReplace the clutch assembly
Stall When acceleratedReplace the fuel filter
Smell like Burning OilChange the old oil and use the recommended one 

1. UTV won’t Start

It is quite a frustrating issue that your UTV won’t start. It typically occurs after a cold night, which is common in some regions of the world. 

Therefore, this issue is also prevalent there.

A faulty ignition coil and spark plugs are the most common reasons why the engine won’t start. In search of the problem, you need to check the followings: 

Is the Battery in Good Condition?

A dead battery prevents UTV from starting. If you are not using a UTV for a long period of time or have left the key on, the battery could die. You may have to face the issue much more during the winter season.

The Fix:

  • Place multimeter leads on the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
  • Check for a reading above 12 volts on the multimeter.
  • If you are getting less reading, charge the battery with a smart charger for about 4-5 hours.
  • If the battery doesn’t take charge, it requires replacement.

Is the UTV Getting Spark?

If the engine does not get enough spark, it won’t start and ignite the fuel. Over time, spark plugs get covered by carbon from smoke, debris, and dirt.

The Fix:

  • Take off the spark plug.
  • Plug it back into the coil wire.
  • Hold spark plug electrodes close to the ground.
  • Start the engine and check for a spark coming out of the spark plug.
  • If you do not see any spark, replace the spark plug.

Is The UTV Getting Fuel?

The most common reasons behind UTV getting no fuel have to do with the fuel pump, engine compression, carburetor, and fuel injectors. 

Also, gummed-up holes of the fuel injector, a stuck needle valve or a loose or cracked vacuum hose of the carburetor, obstruction in the fuel line or shut-off valve, leaking head gasket or a blown piston ring, damaged diaphragms or the clogged filter likely prevents UTV from getting enough fuel.

The Fix:

Step-1: Check the Carburetor

  • Take off the spark plug.
  • Disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor and place it into a bucket.
  • If the fuel comes out of the fuel line after you start the engine, you have no issue getting fuel from the tank.
  • Then you may have a corroded needle valve or stuck float in your carb.
  • Replace all the damaged parts.

Step-2: Check the Fuel Injectors

  • Remove fuel injectors from the fuel line.
  • Use any carb cleaner or fuel injector cleaner to clean them.

Step-3: Check the Fuel Pump

  • Inspect for wear and loose or cracked hoses.
  • Replace the diaphragms or the entire fuel pump for they are not very expensive.

Step-4: Check Compression

  • Disconnect the spark plugs.
  • Use a compression tester kit to check for compression.
  • Ensure that the engine is at a downstroke in the compression cycle.

Is there Enough Air Flow?

Obstructions blocking the air box intake and clogged-up exhaust prevent enough air to mix fuel in the combustion chamber, which in turn causes the engine not to start.

The Fix:

Step-1: Clean the Air Filter

  • Remove the filter and place it in a bucket containing a cleaning solution.
  • Rinse the filter and left it to dry.
  • Apply oil and let it dry for a few hours.

Step-2: Put the Filter Back

  • Put the clean filter back into the exact same place it was before. 

2. Idle Issue

Sometimes, the UTV drives fine but does not the Idle. Mostly the reasons are a damaged Idle adjustment screw and a clogged carburetor.

The Fix:

Step-1: Clean the Carburetor

  • Remove the seat for access to the carburetor
  • Use a socket wrench to loosen the bolts holding the float bowl.
  • Spray a carburetor cleaner on the float bowl.
  • Use a shop brush to clear out debris and particles in the carburetor.

Step-2: Adjust the Idle Screw

  • Turn off the UTV.
  • Locate the adjustment screw on the side of the carburetor.
  • Adjust and turn the screw to the left.

3. Malfunctioning Clutch 

It will be difficult to shift gears smoothly with a faulty clutch cable that has a tendency to slip. 

Worn or loose clutch shoes and weight spring, as well as incorrectly placed primary clutch prevents it from engaging.

The Fix:

  • Tighten the weight spring and inspect the main sliding sheave.
  • If not fixed, replace the cable or the entire clutch assembly.

4. Stall When Accelerated 

Your Linhai 400 UTV may stop moving after a few seconds of acceleration. It seems like the UTV has run out of fuel, but the case could be different. 

A faulty pump, clogged fuel filter, and dirt or water in the carburetor may cause this issue.

The Fix:

  • Ensure the fuel float valve is working properly.
  • Inspect for any damage to the wire.
  • Replace the fuel filter.

5. Smell like Burning Oil

Worn out piston ring or damaged cylinder wall causes oil to enter the combustion chamber and burns along with the fuel-air mixture. This creates smells like burning oil. 

The wrong type and amount of oil are also a cause of oil burning. Blueish-white smoke from the exhaust is a clear indicator of oil burning.

The Fix:

  • Use new and recommended oil.
  • Keep the oil level in between the marks found on the oil dipstick.


Is it safe to ride if my UTV is burning oil?

Though it is quite safe for you physically, it is damaging to the engine. So, it’s better not to ride.

What maintenance should I do on my Linhai 400 UTV to keep it running smoothly?

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your Linhai 400 UTV in good working condition. It is recommended to change the oil and oil filter, test the brakes and brake pads, and maintain proper tire pressure. 

What kind of oil is recommended for my Linhai 400 UTV?

It is advised by the manufacturer to use 10W-40 engine oil. It’s crucial to use oil made specifically for four-stroke engines.

How frequently should I have my Linhai 400 UTV’s oil changed?

Every 500 miles or every six months, you should change the oil and oil filter in your Linhai 400 UTV.

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