6 Common Bombardier Rally 200 Problems (You Must Read)

The Bombardier Rally 200 is an ATV that has gained widespread acclaim for its reliability and robust performance. But over time, it can break down just like any other machine. 

The most common Bombardier Rally 200 Problems include:

  • Starting problem
  • Transmission issues
  • Carburetor problem
  • Noise problem

In addition to the stated causes, there are a number of other potential reasons for Bombardier Rally 200 problems. Continue reading to learn more about a number of causes of this issue and how to fix them.

Bombardier Rally 200 Problems 

Immediately investigate the following potential sources of the issue in order to pinpoint the precise problem:

1. Starting problem

The Bombardier Rally 200 ATV can have starting issues for many reasons. If the ATV has been sitting or the fuel system is clogged or broken, it may not obtain enough fuel to start.

ATVs can’t start with weak batteries, old or dead batteries. Starting troubles can result from a worn or damaged spark plug or ignition coil. ATVs may not start with faulty starting motors. 

Mechanical issues may prevent engine start-up.

The fix

  • When the ATV is not used for a long time or the battery has not been replaced over time, the battery dies. Recharge or replace the battery.
  • Clogged or unclean carburetors may prevent engine start-up. Clean or replace the carburetor. 
  • Old or tainted fuel may prevent engine start-up. Drain and replace the old fuel to fix this issue.
  • Faulty or filthy spark plugs can also cause starting issues. Clean or replace the spark plug.
  • The starter motor may fail to start the engine. This issue may require starter motor repair or replacement. Recharge or replace the battery.

2. Transmission issues

Bombardier Rally 200 transmission problems have many causes. Low gearbox fluid levels often cause issues. Low fluid levels may lead to shifting, slippage, and other transmission troubles. 

Slipping or gear shifting can result from a worn clutch. A broken gear shift lever can trigger gearbox issues

The lever may be loose, broken, or improperly adjusted, which can result in difficulty in shifting gears. Transmission gears eventually wear out. 

The gearbox may slip, grind, or not engage. Damaged transmission seals can cause fluid leakage and other problems.

The fix

  • Check the transmission fluid level and refill as necessary.
  • If the clutch is worn or damaged, it can lead to sliding or gear-shifting difficulties. It is necessary to replace the clutch.
  • If the lever is loose, broken, or inadequately adjusted, shifting gears may be challenging. The solution involves repairing or replacing the gear transfer lever.
  • Transmission system gears can deteriorate or fail over time. This may result in the gearbox slipping, making grating noises, or failing to engage a gear. The solution is to restore or replace the broken equipment.
  • Damaged transmission seals can lead to fluid leakage and other transmission-related problems. The solution involves replacing the damaged gaskets.

3. Carburetor problem

Bombardier Rally 200 carburetors combine air and fuel for combustion. Carburetors can malfunction and cause issues. 

Dirty carburetor jets slow down fuel flow. Dirty air filters impede carburetor airflow, reducing performance. Low air/fuel mixtures and poor performance mostly result from carburetor gasket or other vacuum leaks.  

The engine may flood or perform poorly if the carburetor float is stuck open. A worn throttle shaft loses air, causing poor performance or stalling. 

A malfunctioning needle valve might leak gasoline, causing poor performance or flooding.

The fix

  • Clogging of the carburetor jets necessitates cleaning with carburetor cleanser.
  • Due to a dirty air filter, performance is negatively impacted. Changing or cleaning the air filter can solve your problem.
  • Poor performance is the result of a lean air/fuel mixture, which can be caused by vacuum leaks in the carburetor gasket or elsewhere. Finding and fixing the vacuum leak is the solution.
  • Stalling can be the result of air leakage caused by a worn throttle shaft. The worn throttle shaft must be replaced.
  • Fuel leaks from a broken needle valve might cause subpar performance or even flooding. The broken needle valve must be replaced.

4. Noise problem

If your Bombardier Rally 200 is making weird noises, it could be an indication of a problem that requires attention. It’s possible the engine can’t manage the load or trail. The exhaust system can rattle or bang if it’s loose or broken.  

The drive chain can rattle or clunk if it’s worn or loose. A malfunctioning engine might make knocking, ticking, or whining noises. 

Engine and gearbox noises might result from low or contaminated fluids. Sometimes the Bombardier oil filter is dirty.

The fix

  • Replace or tighten the faulty exhaust components.
  • Loose or damaged suspension components must be inspected and tightened or replaced as necessary.
  • Immediately after replacing the oil filter, replace the engine oil in the Bombardier Rally 200. Then, clean the oil pressure regulator thoroughly.

5. Timing chain tensioner problem

In order to maintain optimal engine operation, the Bombardier Rally 200 relies on its timing chain tensioner. 

Any number of issues can crop up if the timing chain tensioner isn’t doing its job. 

Damage occurring on the timing chain or stretching of the chain over time can render the timing chain tensioner unusableCracked or worn timing chain tensioners may fail to keep the timing chain properly tight. 

Timing chain slack and engine performance difficulties might result from the tensioner failing due to low oil pressure. 

The timing chain becomes loose and noisy if the guides that hold it in place have worn out.

The fix

  • Remove the worn timing chain and replace it.
  • The problem can be fixed by exchanging the timing chain tensioner that is malfunctioning.
  • It’s possible that if the timing chain guides are worn, they won’t be able to guide the timing chain correctly, which will result in slack and noise. The problem can be fixed by exchanging the worn timing chain guides.

6. Misfires

When an engine misfires, the spark plugs don’t go off in the right order, and the motor stops working. 

The Bombardier Rally 200’s engine is underpowered for the rough terrain you might encounter.

 Because of the Bombardier Rally 200’s older age, the issue could be the consequence of a faulty spark plug or water getting into the engine.

The fix

  • Cleaning the spark to see if it will function again. However, if your spark plugs are old or damaged, you should replace them.
  • If water has gotten into your fuel system, you should completely empty it and then replenish it with new fuel.

How Good is Bombardier Rally 200?

Customers like the Rally 200’s smooth power delivery, great handling, and versatility. Consumers say the Rally 200 is well-built and durable. 

The Rally 200’s suspension and ergonomic seat make it easy to ride.

However, some customers have reported carburetor troubles, which can make the engine run badly or not start which is frustrating and costly repairs.

Some customers have reported timing chain tensioner issues, which can cause engine performance issues and costly repairs. Riders who need to carry gear or supplies may find the Rally 200 lacking in storage. The Rally 200’s top speed is slower than comparable ATVs, according to some buyers.

Due to its 200cc engine, the Bombardier Rally 200 is an ATV for beginners. 

The Bombardier Rally 200, released over 17 years ago, was one of the most sought-after ATVs due to its luxury features. Even with its small engine, the Bombardier Rally 200 can still work well, though slowly compared to modern ATVs.

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Bombardier Rally 200 Problem

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