5 Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX Problems (Easy Fixes Included)

The Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX, designed specifically for thrill-seekers, is propelled by a powerful 695 cc, SOHC, 4-stroke, the 4-valve motor with EFI that can pull up to 1500 lbs. 

The most common Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX problems are power problems, issues with the clutch, problems with electrical connections, not starting easily, and poor battery.

Some of the typical Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX issues will be discussed in this piece, along with solutions.

Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX Problems

Here are the most prevalent problems with Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX and their fixes:

Common Problems of Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX

1. Power Problem

There are some electrical problems with the 2009 Arctic Cat Prowler. Sometimes while traveling, it developed a hot smell. 

The insufficient refrigerant level is the main cause of this. Numerous issues, including the motor, fuel system, electrical system, transmission, or other parts, can contribute to the power issues. 

Engine power may be decreased due to clogged fuel injectors accumulating grime or residue over time.

Additionally, a blocked or broken exhaust system can reduce ventilation and reduce power. 

The fix

Power can be recovered by cleaning or changing the fuel injectors. Examine the exhaust system for any damage or obstructions and make necessary adjustments.

A thorough tune-up, which replaces the spark plugs, air filter, and other worn or damaged components, can also help to return power and enhance engine efficiency.

2. Issues with the Clutch

It feels like the clutch was stiffer in the Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX 2012, and it hung on to RPMs for a lot too long before shifting out, almost like it is in low gear. 

The vehicle may experience poor acceleration, making it challenging to reach a pace if the clutch is sliding or not connecting correctly.

Changing ratios correctly may be challenging or impossible when the clutch system isn’t working properly, which may result in jerky motions or even stalling. 

The fix

Verify that your secondary clutch is resting on the shaft or not. It could be slightly constricting and prevent the object from moving.

It might only need to be changed if the clutch is not engaging correctly. A skilled mechanic can adjust the clutch wire or hydraulic mechanism to guarantee correct engagement. 

The clutch might also need to be changed because it could be worn out or harmed. To reestablish correct operation, a replacement clutch assembly can be installed.

3. Problems with Electrical Connections

Some customers grumbled about the 2006 Prowler’s recurrent power issues. Electrical problems prevent the motorcycle from starting and cut off electricity to the dash panel. 

This problem can occasionally last only a few minutes or hours before reappearing out of nowhere.

The needle may attempt to move backwards and halt when the instrument cluster behaves strangely and produces a winding noise. 

This problem might happen due to the primary electrical harness link near the ice locker and under the hood. 

The fix

You can swap out the actuator and key switch and check for shorts in the electrical circuit first. 

You can put in a new cell, give it some time to recharge, and then see what occurs. To see if the issue still exists, check if the power is low. 

Check for any defective fuses or switches that could be the source of electrical issues and repair them if necessary.

4. Not Starting Easily

The starting mechanism on the Arctic Cat Prowler XTX 700 from the model years 2008, 2009, and 2011 has some problems. 

The starting and valves may not be aligned properly, which can cause this. Weak batteries and dirty contacts can occasionally be the cause of this. 

In addition, frequent use over time may cause the firing system’s parts to deteriorate or break, creating problems. 

The fix

After cleaning the connector, you can install an Odessy battery in your ATV. Check each combustion system component to see if it is malfunctioning; if so, it may be necessary to repair it. 

All worn-out spark plugs, malfunctioning ignition coils, and deceased batteries in the ignition system must be replaced and restored.

Regularly replace the spark plugs, the battery, the lubricant, and the filter.

5. Poor Battery

The 2008 Arctic Cat Prowler XTX 700 has problems with its battery life. Some consumers think Arctic Cat made a terrible mistake with the battery location design. 

This kind of problem could be caused by hooking too many items. The ATV might experience parasitic loss, in which case the vehicle’s electrical parts continue to use power even after being switched off. 

This issue can rapidly deplete the battery, especially during frigid weather when starting the motor is more challenging.

The fix

If the battery failure is due to a parasitic drain, you can attempt to locate the drain by removing one electrical component at a time until the drain ceases.

Once you’ve determined which component is to blame for the leak, you can replace or fix it as necessary.

A battery disconnect valve could be installed to stop parasitic depletion when the car is not in use. 

To help avoid potential battery failure, the battery, charging mechanism, and electrical components should all receive routine maintenance.

Cold weather insulation is also recommended.

Which Year Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX Has the Most Problems?

The starting mechanism of the Arctic Cat Prowler models from 2008, 2009, and 2011 is said to have several problems. According to the client, the short battery life is the primary cause of this.

However, by using the battery correctly and performing frequent maintenance, this problem can be minimized.

The most troublesome users are those of the Cat Prowler from 2008. This one has a fuel filter problem and an oil leakage issue.

The gearshift and brake issues also present themselves in the 2012 Arctic Cat Prowler.

Tips for Buying a Used Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX

The Prowler is responsible for elevating the standard and style of the Side by Side market.

When performing the inspection, look for any indications of the Prowler 700 XTX’s typical problems, such as problems with the steering or chassis.

This can assist you in avoiding any possible future difficulties.

The Prowler 700 XTX may have aftermarket changes, such as a lift kit or better tires. If so, ensure they are fitted correctly, not affecting the vehicle’s efficiency or safety.

You can determine from this how well the Prowler 700 XTX has been maintained and whether any significant adjustments have been made.


Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX is a great ATV for all-terrain use. However, the vehicle shows some common Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XTX Problems, such as:

  • Power Problem
  • Issues With The Clutch
  • Problems with Electrical Connections 
  • Not Starting Easily
  • Poor Battery

However, such troubles can be reduced with routine maintenance and comprehensive examination.

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