5 Common SSR 170 UTV Problems (With Solutions)

The SSR SRU170 RS UTV is an off-road Utility Task Vehicle manufactured by SSR. The four-stroke motor is 170cc in size.

The SSR 170 UTV is a flexible and robust vehicle suited for a multitude of outdoor pursuits, including hunting, farming, and recreation.

This side-by-side UTV, however, is not without its flaws. The SSR 170 UTV has numerous difficulties, including difficulty starting, sputtering and dying, battery issues, muffler issues, leaking gas, etc.

Read on to find out about the SSR 170 UTV problems and solutions in detail below. 

SSR 170 UTV Problems

The SSR UTV is equipped with an impressive array of standard features and capabilities. Yet, there have been numerous complaints from customers about these UTVs.

Common Problems of SSR 170 UTV

1. Vehicle Won’t start 

People facing the SSR 170 have starting problems. It won’t start no matter how hard you try. Occasionally, it does not respond when cranked.

Users have observed no change after waiting an hour between attempts.

The ATV may be experiencing electrical problems. This can happen if the PCM isn’t supplying gasoline and spark.

The Fix:

Perform a PCM checkup to see that it’s providing both the gasoline and the spark.

This could be due to a problem with the relay in the car’s fuse box or the driver’s side fuel regulator.

Start by replacing the starter relay and any other relays in the fuse box that may be related to the ignition system.

Lastly, check battery performance and replace it if needed. 

2. Sputter and Die 

The SSR 180 UTV would operate normally until it reached a certain temperature, at which point it would break down and die.

The engine would crank, but there would be no ignition.

This could be due to a leaking hose or a worn vacuum line on the fuel pump.

Due to the already stressed fuel and vacuum hose connections, the fuel pump’s vacuum line broke after experiencing a few heat cycles.

The Fix:

Replace the cracked hose. Change out the vacuum hoses. You may need to remove a brass plug to access the fuel jet screw, which should be cleaned and adjusted.

To increase performance, increase the fuel-to-air ratio.

3. Dead Battery

Reportedly, the SSR 170’s battery fails after only a few hours of use. The machine simply would not turn on.

When put under stress, the battery seems to lose its charge. The UTV battery charges slowly. 

It is impossible to charge the battery, operate the machine, and keep all the lights on with the stator on this engine while it is idling.

If you turn it off, though, it won’t work again.

The Fix:

Battery fuses should be changed. If the engine’s stator is too small to charge the battery, get a new one.

To resolve this problem, you may need to replace the battery in your UTV.

4. Muffler Problems

During riding, the muffler of an SSR UTV loses its baffles, resulting in a sound similar to that of a transmission with a faulty bearing.

It is also placed very close to the frame; a flathead screwdriver would not fit in the space between them.

The Fix:

You need only use some spacers in order to move it further away. Call your dealer to have the defective muffler replaced.

5. Leaking Gas 

The SSR 170 UTV has problems with gasoline leakage. When riding, you may detect a little gas stain on the road and smell gas.

There is a screw on the drain of the fuel bowl. If the screw is backed out, the UTV will spill gasoline.

The Fix:

Take off the screw, put pipe tape on it, and tighten it up really well. Also, turn the hose up to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

You can also change the screw and take it to a repair shop to have it fixed.

Which Year SSR 170 UTV Has the Most Problems?

The number of SSR 170 UTV model years manufactured is unclear because it is subject to change according to the manufacturer’s release schedule and design changes. 

Yet, the evidence suggests that SSR Motorsports has been manufacturing the SSR 170 UTV for a number of years, refining and improving upon it at various points.

According to several forums, the SSR 170 models for 2018, 2019, and 2021 have many issues, and the majority of their potential issues have already been mentioned.

Final Words

The SSR SRU170RS is the only UTV offered by SSR Motorsports, which sells a large range of off-road and on-road vehicles.

Yet, this UTV has its share of problems, which is the primary focus of this article.

  • SSR 170 UTV have major issues starting the vehicle.
  • The engine of these UTVs would crank, but there wouldn’t be any ignition.
  • After only a few hours of use, the battery of the UTV starts to lose its charge and will run quite low.
  • The exhaust muffler and baffles are very problematic on these utility vehicles.
  • Tracker 570 UTV has a gasoline leakage issue that may be identified by smell and stain.

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