5 Common Suzuki Quadmaster 500 Problems: What You Can Do!

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys taking his ATV out on the trails? Then you should own a Suzuki Quadmaster 500, which is designed for adventure and rugged terrain. 

However, unlike all excellent machines, it is also susceptible to mechanical issues during off-road expeditions. 

The common Suzuki Quadmaster 500 problems are:

  • Transmission Problems
  • Carburetor Problems
  • Starting Issues 
  • Running Erratically 
  • Noises

Whether you are a seasoned ATV rider or a beginner, read more about the most frequently mentioned issues from riders and how to fix them in this in-depth article to keep your Suzuki Quadmaster 500 running smoothly on every adventure. 

Suzuki Quadmaster 500 Problems

According to Suzuki Quadmaster 500 owners, the troubleshooting of the most common issues is given below.

  1. Transmission Issue

Some Quadmaster 500 ATV owners have reported difficulty shifting their vehicles out of low gear, particularly after prolonged use. 

It is sometimes even necessary to use a crowbar to get the vehicle out of low. 

The cause of the problem is unclear, but many users suspect it might be due to not pushing down hard enough on the shift lever. 

The issue persisted even after taking the ATV to a dealer for a 100-mile service. 

Note: The Suzuki ATV model from 2000 is mainly affected by transmission issues.

The Fix:

  • If the vehicle is automatic, examine the engine/transmission oil for metal particles by placing a magnet on the bottom of the case. 
  • Additionally, drain the engine oil into a clean container and examine it for debris. 
  • Also, disassemble the engine oil filter to determine if anything was trapped.
  1. Backfiring Issue 

A common issue among Suzuki Quadmaster 500 owners is backfiring, which can be caused by problems with the carburetor. 

Sometimes, the backfiring issue persists even after replacing the carburetor with a brand-new one.

Initially, the quad runs fine if the ignition switch is turned to the second click but might backfire and not run if it is on the first click. 

However, the quad backfires and sputters even with the lights on and won’t accept throttle. 

This indicates a potential electrical problem, as the spark plug is often the weakest link in the ignition circuit and can be affected by various conditions.

The Fix:

Disconnect the vacuum line from the fuel petcock. 

If the line is wet or fuel leaks from the line or port where the line was removed, the fuel petcock is defective and must be replaced. Also: 

  • Check and replace the fuel and air filters. If your ATV misfires because of an improper air-fuel ratio, check that your fuel and air filters are clean and in good condition.
  • Use quality oil. Use the throttle in the right way.
  • Clean your carburetor and injectors. You can watch the following video to clean the carburetor. 
  1. Starting Issues

A common issue with Suzuki ATVs is difficulty starting the engine. The starter spins, but the motor does not turn over. 

There could be a problem with the starter clutch or the one-way bearing. 

When the ATV is not starting, there is a bunch of ticking noise when the start button is pressed.

The Fix:

To solve the starting problem in your Suzuki Quadmaster 500, follow these steps: 

  • First, clean all the connections/terminals from the battery to the starter.
  • Check the fuel petcock as it may be clogged and affect the fuel flow to the engine. 
  • A carburetor kit may be needed to fix any issues with the fuel-air mixture. 
  • Focus on the battery connections, solenoid, and starter.
  • Check for any insufficient grounds or connections.
  • To check if the solenoid is the problem, bypass it by jumping across the two larger terminals with a wire. Make sure to use at least an 8-gauge wire to jump the terminals.
  1. Running Erratically

Some Suzuki Quadmaster owners have reported difficulties with their ATVs running smoothly. 

After riding for about a mile and a half, the ATV spits and also spits when put into gear.

These issues may include the vehicle not receiving fuel, sputtering or stalling during operation, and other similar problems. 

The causes of these running difficulties can vary, including issues with the carburetor, fuel system, ignition system, or other components. 

The Fix:

To resolve the issue with the Suzuki 500 Quad Master’s running, the following steps should help:  

  • Start by cleaning the carburetor and checking it for any issues.
  • Check the spark plug for good fire and ensure it is clean.
  • Verify constant power from the stator.
  • Check the coil for any faults.
  • Inspect the wiring from the stator through the ignition to the coil for any issues. 
  1. Peculiar Noises

The general problem with this Suzuki ATV is the strange noise that occurs occasionally while driving. 

The noise is described as a mix between a cluck and a grind, similar to a bolt rattling around in a tin can. 

The noise varies in intensity and can occur every 30 seconds to a few minutes. It is coming from directly behind the clutch. 

Additionally, the front tires pulse when idling down in 4WD, with the tires slowing down and stopping multiple times before coming to a complete stop.

The Fix:

To troubleshoot this issue:

  • Check the u-joint on the shaft that connects the engine to the front differential. A worn-out or damaged u-joint can cause clunking or grinding noises.
  • Then inspect the CV joints in and out on each front axle. These joints transfer power from the transmission to the wheels and can make clicking or popping noises when damaged or worn out.
  • Lastly, check the bearings in each front wheel. Worn-out or damaged bearings can create a humming or growling noise.

How Good is Suzuki Quadmaster 500?

The Suzuki QuadMaster 500 is a versatile, durable quad that can handle various terrains and challenges. The selectable 4-wheel drive and hi/lo range transfer case make it an excellent choice for off-road adventures.

The tires’ aggressive tread pattern excels in the muck and dirt, while the suspension’s soft and supple nature ensures a safe ride across uneven terrain. 

The underside of the quad is protected with a skid plate and full-length foot protectors.

The QuadMaster 500 excels in off-road conditions, including steep inclines, sandy dunes, winding paths, and shallow muck.  

The handling is decent, although the front differential’s positive traction makes turning more challenging than in a 2-wheel drive quad. 

The quad excels in low-end torque but could use more power.

The ride is solid and comfortable, and the controls are all within arm’s length compared to other 4-wheel drive quads. Skid plating, bumpers, running boards, and racks give it a sturdy look.

The price of the Suzuki QuadMaster 500 ranges between $2,495 to $2,950, making it a good pick for people looking for a jack-of-all-trades quad that can carry you from A to B in style and pleasure.

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